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Art of Motion- Advanced Driving Tuition is brought to you by Ex Aston Martin test pilot, Damian Galvin and brings a new dimension in professional driving standards to Romania. The first of its kind.

So, you have the powerful car and years of experience. But you may also have years of bad habits slowing you down or making you dangerous when you try to put it all together . If your passengers are nervous, or get sick, or co-brake when you should/ do, then the chances are, your driving style is making your passengers uncomfortable and this need not be the case with the correct technique.  It should be a complete pleasure to be driven by someone safely, quickly & sportingly.  Driving, like skiing or marksmanship, is a honed skill. A learned talent, needing careful, skilled guidance and practice. Driving skill is not something all of us are born with. Being confident behind the wheel does not make everyone a good driver.  Ask 10 drivers if they are good or not. At least 8 will say yes.

Advanced driving is similarly difficult without the right training and to be done effectively needs to be trained in a series of Learned Behaviours. Each behaviour needs to be assessed, analysed, weaknesses identified and repaired, and advanced driving behaviours put back in its place, layer after layer, until the driver has all the layers required to consider him or herself, an advanced performance driver.   But the good news is that most drivers rapidly respond to the training and their technique is transformed in a short space of time.

Modern cars today are so powerful that if driven to their full, can put unskilled drivers in dangerous situations. A 2012 model Ford Focus or Opel Astra would out-perform a 1980 Ferrari or Porsche in just about any trial except straight line performance. Yet such performance needs handling correctly. Anyone who can reach the pedals can drive fast, but few can handle the vehicle optimally in an emergency or even when needing to get to their destination rapidly.

The aim of this series of hands-on practical course modules is to provide you with skills and knowledge to become an advanced driver, to commute from A to B quickly but with minimum stress and with your precious cargo of passengers safe, unstressed and relaxed on arrival, without putting undue stress on the vehicle, but in the shortest possible time frame.

We look at how to avoid so-called Red Mist, Road Rage, observation-pressure and distraction by passengers, telephones and other influences. If you have ever been directly tailed by a Police car, or had an audience while you perform a difficult manoeuvre for example, you will know, your technique can turn to mush! We examine the psychology of what your conscious and subconscious mind are trying to compute and how to control your technique to prevent that meltdown.

Please get in touch for more information or details of how to book.